Shared Care Records

CareCentric shared care record combines detailed data from acute hospitals, mental health, community, GP practices and social care into a single record which can be viewed at the point of care. The solution allows authorised users to look at data combined from hundreds of GP practices and care providers on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

CareCentric is used by 48 CCGs, including county-wide in places like Hampshire, Cheshire, Berkshire and Manchester and in smaller CCG-sized deployments in Kingston and Sutton.

myCareCentric Patient Portal provides individuals with secure access to personal medical records, health information and services. It helps ensure patients are involved in their care, which in turn improves the quality of the record, the ability for clinicians to reach their patients and health outcomes.

In addition, social care customers are able to manage their care online through Liquidlogic Autonomy. Local authorities can use the portal to offer online advice and signposting as well as procure services and process service applications.

CareCentric BI allows reporting on data combined from across the care community. Data can be provided anonymised, pseudonimised or in plain form according to data sharing agreements. Facilities include activity dashboards which can present activity levels in various providers, so that the impact of changes in care patterns can be assessed and population health reports which can monitor improvements and deterioration in the health of the citizens in a care community.

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