New Models of Care

All Care Alliance products are used to support service redesign, in particular helping to improve the quality of life for patients with long-term, complex or life-limiting conditions. This is achieved at the same time as delivering efficiency and cost-saving opportunities for care providers.

Our solutions use risk stratification or manual assignment to create patient registers and manage the patients on those registers. Patients can be prescribed apps and wearable technology to feed regular data into the system. This is combined with standard shared care record data such as test results and visit outcomes to manage patients via dashboards, and can be used to assess and alert changes in condition. Care plans can then be set or amended accordingly.

Example groups include patients with epilepsy, heart failure, diabetes, frailty, COPD, obesity and mental health problems such as dementia and depression.

myCareCentric Epilepsy is the first solution of its kind to integrate data from wearables, smartphones and portals with clinical records, and to share the enhanced record in real-time with patients, their families and clinical teams.

The aim is that novel clinical pathways, including real-time pre-emptive interventions, will help reduce the costs of care and improve the treatment of the condition.

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