Mobile Decision Support

Our Vitalpac mobile decision support system monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.

It removes the need for paper charts and manages scheduled observations based on clinical need. Vitalpac helps reduce the time spent on routine tasks and frees up staff time for care. It achieves this by simplifying the documenting of patients’ vital signs and assessments, and by the automatic calculation of Early Warning Scores. Patient deterioration is detected early and escalated to the relevant doctor or specialist team, ensuring faster rescue which means improving outcomes and shortening the length of stay.

How it helps:

  • It gives doctors, nurses and specialists real-time visibility of who their patients are, where their patients are and how their patients are
  • Its escalations show audibly and visibly on their mobile device. Clear rules and localisation options avoid unnecessary repeats
  • Doctors can respond more effectively using the real-time clinical and location information immediately available
  • Customised handover lists can be created, allowing doctors to flag patients of particular concern
  • Safe, informed handovers are well supported by the ability to combine notes, diagnoses and patient information
  • Direct feeds can be provided for pathology and radiology results
  • Doctors can refer patients to other specialties for advice or transfer without recourse to a fixed PC
  • Doctors can carry out a range of assessments such as VTE, dementia, alcohol screening etc.
  • It significantly improves patient safety, ward efficiency and compliance with care protocols

Vitalpac integrates with a number of Patient Administration Systems and Electronic Patient Record Systems including Medway, Cerner, Meditech and Silverlink.

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