East Kent University Hospital NHS Trust selects Careflow and Microsoft Azure to help clinical teams to work smarter and faster

Careflow, an innovative healthcare messaging platform is being used extensively by doctors and nurses at East Kent University Hospital NHS Trust to optimise patient workflows. East Kent is one of the largest hospital trusts in England, with 3 acute hospitals and 2 community hospitals serving a local population of around 759,000 people, employing 3,200 doctors and nurses.

Careflow utilises Microsoft’s Azure cloud service so healthcare professionals can be absolutely confident that the technology they use is keeping patient data safe and secure. Available on any mobile or web device, Careflow delivers faster clinical communication, better collaboration and safer care by replacing pagers, phone calls, faxes, texts and emails.

Suzy Foster, Director of Health, Microsoft UK said

“Enabling public healthcare organisations to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud services and technologies is critical to driving out cost and supporting more productive ways of working. We are proud to be working with Careflow to help its customers drive down cost of ownership and improve patient care.”

CEO and founder at Careflow Dr Jon Shaw explains

“Careflow is secure. Nothing is stored on the mobile phone or the web app. Patient details are safe in the Microsoft Azure cloud and earlier this year Microsoft became the first major cloud service provider to adopt the world’s only international standard for cloud privacy – ISO / IEC 27018. Therefore, clinical staff can send and receive patient identifiable information in the certain knowledge it is legal and meets all relevant healthcare security standards.”

Careflow optimises clinical workflows by making it quick and easy to contact team members and discuss patients. The use of instant messages and pushed notifications ensures people communicate in real-time while being aware that communications are received, read and responded to in a timely fashion. Careflow’s improved communication capability is available anywhere and is clear and effective every time.

Dr Paul Stevens, the Trust’s Medical Director, has seen an improvement in overall efficiency:

“The Careflow system provides an easy way to get everyone together to make a quick decision. Importantly for me, this has fantastic potential for improving patient safety and ensuring the correct accountability”

Financially, the Trust is benefiting from the savings Careflow brings. Since the introduction of AKI alerting it has seen a 20% reduction of hospital in-patients that develop AKI stage 3. This reduces length of stay by approximately 4 days for each patient, saving approximately £12,000 per patient. Given that 13-18% of all hospital admissions are for patients who are subsequently diagnosed with AKI3 East Kent will save several million pounds a year.