Who We Are

Careflow is a System C & Graphnet Care Alliance comapny.

System C and Graphnet together form the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, a strategic alliance offering integrated IT solutions to the UK health and social care market.

Together we are:

  • The no. 1 supplier in social care with 41% of councils using our software
  • The no. 1 supplier in shared care records with 48 CCGs (covering 10m patients) using CareCentric shared records in their area
  • The no. 1 supplier in mobile decision support systems with 28 Trusts and 750 wards performing over 6 million assessments a month with Vitalpac
  • The no. 2 supplier in acute Electronic Patient Records with deployments in 22 Trusts
  • The no. 1 supplier in child health (covering 6.2m children)
  • A significant player in areas such as maternity (21 Trusts) and Business Intelligence (23 Trusts)

The Care Alliance specialises in providing health and social care solutions that allow for the integration of services across whole care communities. It is done by linking information from multiple systems, integrating workflows between care settings and supporting multi-provider reporting & analysis.

Its solutions use leading-edge technologies – including mobile, wearables, instant messaging and machine learning – to radically redesign services and the way clinicians and patients interact together.

Together, we are providing the next generation of hospital IT, transforming the way services are provided and bridging the gap between the acute trust and the wider care community.

For more information visit the System C website.