Why Careflow?

Careflow is the first integrated communication platform of its kind, delivering faster clinical communication, better collaboration and safer care on any mobile or web device. More than just a communication tool, Careflow is 100 percent dedicated to improving health and social care. It fully integrates with electronic patient records and social care systems.

Using traditional means of communication such as pagers and paper notes causes reporting, conversation and coordination delays. In fact, research suggests that people who are frequently paged can spend 20 percent of their time looking for and waiting on phones.* This ultimately puts patients at risk, results in longer hospital stays, and spikes hospital costs.

*Health Service Journal, 2013.

If an organisation’s goal is to optimise workflow to improve patient safety and caregiver efficiency, then Careflow can help transform care communication in the following ways:

Speed it up

When a patient’s health is on the line, caregivers need to get the right information to the right person at the right time. And the right time is moments after a message is sent, not hours. To ensure quicker responses and patient assistance, teams need a solution that enables instant messaging between caregivers so that receivers know exactly how urgent a need is and how to react efficiently.

Allow it to be done remotely

Caregiving is a team effort. But teams are not always in the same place at the same time. Patients often have multiple clinicians in multiple locations and organisations. To ensure the most efficient communication and best treatment, teams would need a way to unify all correspondence about patient health. Therefore, should look for a solution that gives caregivers access to their communication platform and patient information at all times—even when they’re on the go.

Make it paperless

If reducing oversights and risks to patient safety are an organisation’s goal, then it needs to eliminate paper notes and physical handover. Often, these processes result in important information being forgotten or misplaced, potentially putting patients in danger and slowing down workflow. The right solution will capture handover and notes electronically and make them instantly available to all relevant team members.

Faster communication. Better coordination. Safer care.

It’s time to modernise communication with a unified platform for integrated clinical care. Available on any mobile or web device, Careflow delivers faster clinical communication, better collaboration, and safer care—all in patient context and integrated with existing health and social care systems. It gives you:

Real-time messaging

WIth Careflow, you can instantly send a message to a doctor alerting them that a patient needs attention. If that doctor isn’t available, another one will be alerted to quickly respond. With instant messaging capabilities, one no longer has to rely on vague pager messages. All questions and notifications are clearly written out, and a transparent read receipt is provided for each one.

Access anywhere

Careflow is available on any device, anywhere, anytime. So, no matter where a patient’s caregivers are, they’ll have complete access to the latest treatment updates and needs. This saves valuable time by eliminating the need to repeat information to various team members. Clinical tags also enable shared visibility and team-based task management.

Digitised care processes

When we have a continuous, detailed, digital record of task and patient status, there’s virtually no need to do physical handovers or transfer information via paper notes, emails, or texts. All entries are logged with a username and timestamp to create a robust audit trail. And when patients move between teams, the handover notes move with them.

How your organisation can benefit from Careflow

  • Increase productivity – right information, right person, right time
  • Improve patient safety – faster intervention, better informed decisions
  • More efficient workflows – electronic referrals and task management
  • Enhance compliance – full and transparent audit and governance trails
  • Gain insights into organisational performance
  • Add value to legacy health IT systems
  • Expedite national strategies for ’Integrated Care‘ and ’Paperless NHS’

How your staff can benefit from Careflow

  • Enhanced access to team members and better information flow
  • Improved job satisfaction through improved connectivity
  • Improved team collaboration and increased clinician efficiency
  • Faster decision-making capability